Comply with regulations and turn it into a competitive advantage

Never before have governments and industry regulations had as much impact on the way companies do business. In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, the ability to rapidly adapt to and manage compliance is critical.

Many financial institutions face stringent capital and liquidity requirements specified by Basel III, and there is a need for sophisticated models that enable organisations to stress test a variety of different scenarios, and implement the capital allocation strategy that is best aligned with risk appetite — while maintaining regulatory compliance.

By combining advanced econometrics and analytics, together with enriched information from multiple sources, an in-depth view into the impact of each potential scenario can be generated. After choosing the most appropriate strategy, this then needs to be deployed in to operational environments efficiently.

How can Experian help?

Basel Analytics

Basel Analytics

With 100+ Basel solutions successfully delivered, Experian has the insight to help financial institutions meet compliance head on and turn its tools into new sources of competitive advantage.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud Analytics

Experian’s fraud expertise, use of best data and advanced analytics help financial institutions ensure the optimal fraud prevention effort is expended on new applications.

Telecom Analytics

Telecom Analytics

Experian Telecom Analytics analyses all stages of the customer lifecycle and converts it into rich customer insights with actionable models that enable more profitable decisioning.

Advanced Analytics & Consulting

Advanced Analytics and Consulting

With Advanced Analytics and Consulting, we combine best-in-class predictive analytics with global cross-industry consultancy to turn data into intelligence and deep business insight.

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